See the Trailer for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Spider-Man fans hoping to catch a glimpse of Matt Murdoch, Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire reprising their roles and becoming official parts of the MCU are going to be…disappointed in the new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer. For the rest of us…well, we’re still processing. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home got its second and final trailer during a fan event November 16. The internet rumors seem to be true, in that the plot looks like it’s going to revolve around villains from Spider-Man’s past.  All the ones who died fighting him seem destined to be pulled into this universe and face off against Tom Holland’s version of the character. As Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) says in the trailer, “It’s their fate”.

The trailer gives us more Alfred Molina reprising his iconic villain role of Dr. Otto Octavius. ‘Doc Oc’ as he’s known colloquially, seems to be on a quest for revenge against his Peter Parker. The trailer gave us multiple shots of the eight-legged physicist in action, and we have no doubt Molina is going to take fans on a ride.

(L) Benedict Cumberbatch (R) Tom Holland. ‘Spider-Man No Way Home’. Credit: Marvel Studios

We also got our first look at Jamie Foxx suited up for his second chance as Electro. His first outing certainly left something to be desired, and it was incredibly disappointing to see a man of Foxx’s caliber reduced to a beatboxing blue man in the streets. We can only hope No Way Home lets Foxx shine to the best of his abilities, and give us a villain we can love to hate. 

We also got to see and hear a little more Green Goblin, and it was chillingly ominous to hear Willem Dafoe, in his classic drawl proclaim “Peter, you’re struggling”. We absolutely can’t wait to see the return of a top-tier Spider-Man villain played by such a phenomenal actor, and we can see from the trailer the Green Goblin’s mind games are already underway.

We got another look at the dark Spidey suit, and we hope Tom Holland will wear it well. The last time we saw a dark Spider-Man suit, it was on Tobey Maguire’s iteration, and…without being unkind, let’s just say it didn’t end very well. There’s a lot of potential in the idea of this suit, and hopefully the movie is up to the task of following through.

(L) Tom Holland (R) Benedict Cumberbatch ‘Spider-Man No Way Home. Credit: Marvel Studios

We also got the tiniest glimpse of the return of J. Jonah Jameson played by the great J.K. Simmons. Simmons was the very embodiment of this character in the Tobey Maguire years, and deserves to be ranked among the absolute best character-actor casting choices of all time. It will be such a pleasure watching his return. 

We also got brief shots of Sandman and Lizard, two Spider-Man villains very underwhelming in their first outings. Again, we can only hope this movie gives them interesting stories and not just have them appear for a big third act villain mashup. Interestingly, we didn’t get any nods to Tom Hardy’s Venom although the end credits scene of that movie definitely set him up for an appearance in No Way Home.

We also got a look at some comedic character moments with MJ (Zendaya) teaching Dr. Strange some manners, and Dr. Strange effectively playing babysitter to Peter, MJ and Ned (Jacob Batalon). We saw the trio be very unimpressed with Doc Oc’s name, and it was just so on brand. It was so great to see these character moments which we know will be the heart of this movie. 

Credit: Marvel Studios

We also got to see a hint of what may be the most heartbreaking parts of this movie, with Peter of course trying to save absolutely everyone and realising he won’t be able to. We also saw essentially a shot-for-shot repeat of MJ falling from an *alarming* height that was crushingly reminiscent of Gwen Stacy’s demise in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. We can’t watch MJ get Gwyen Stacey’d. We just can’t.

As epic as this trailer was, we can only hope Marvel isn’t trying to do too much in too short of a run time with Spider-Man: No Way Home. It definitely seems to have the potential to tell compelling stories with these characters, and there’s also the potential to have giant sky explosions with people running into each other. 

The last trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home gave us a lot, and left us with a lot of questions. One of the most anticipated entries in the MCU is that much closer, and fans can only hope for some surprises left in the movie, re-watch the trailer a few dozen more times before we get to see Spider-Man: No Way Home in the theatre.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will debut in theatres Friday December 17.


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