“Fear of God” Review: Lindsay Holifield’s Debut EP is a Poignant Reflection on Trauma and Recovery

Artist Lindsay Holifield has released her debut EP Fear of God. In just three songs, she manages to tell her story in an incredibly powerful way through music that is nothing less than enthralling. On social media, Holifield is refreshingly honest and open about her personal journey through religious trauma and recovery.

The first song, “Weight of Heaven” is about the religious trauma Holifield experienced. She calls out both the hypocrisy and cruelty of religious leaders who would scar a young and impressionable child. Rather than being antagonistic for its own sake, it’s a pointed and cutting commentary about Holifield’s own experience. The melancholy undertone speaks to the grief and loss that religious trauma brings. It’s underwritten with a hopeful note that spirituality and meaning can be found outside of the rigid confines of religion built on fear that has so often failed to protect its own.

The second song, “Bodies Not at War” is a poignant reflection on the author’s journey through mental illness and recovery. It’s an incredibly honest glimpse into an illness that takes far too much from so many. At the same time, it’s a love letter to body and spirit, and the very essence of what comprises humanity. Through the lyrics, the listener is guided through the stubborn and tenacious hope recovery brings. Those currently in recovery will no doubt hear themselves in this track. No one is ever alone in recovery, and this track is a pointed reminder that many have walked and continue to walk the long but worthy road of recovery.

This EP is special, and Lindsay Holifield clearly is only getting started. With her uncompromising and unflinching candor, she speaks truth to power in the most effective way through her music. This entire album is a reflection on the power of hope, and how delightfully dangerous it is to those who seek harm and control. Her voice is unique and powerful, and the natural musicality heard through the entire EP will have listeners eager for more. It’s an impressive feat to tell a story that captivates listeners through music. It was truly an honor to be able to listen to a project so personal. As far as debuts go, this is one that sets a firm foundation from which we will hopefully hear much more.

Fear of God is available now wherever you listen to music.

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