‘Astrid and Lilly Save the World’ 1×07 Review: “Lips”

Astrid and Lilly Save the World is barreling towards its season finale. The spice was dialed up in this week’s episode. A love-crazed monster was always going to cause chaos among a massive group of hormonal teenagers. A new relationship was formed and an existing one was given a sweet establishment.

There are hardly words to describe how endearing these leads continue to be. Astrid (Jana Morrison) and Lilly (Samantha Aucoin). They are the friends we all wanted while surviving the hell of high school. In their clearly obvious imperfections, they are perfect in their own ways, and make a duo that is so easy to cheer for. They clearly should have won their school’s Best Duo award for the yearbook…just saying. 

Brutus (Olivier Renaud) continues to be wildly unhelpful as supposed guide to the monster hunters. While his continued focus on his own problems is hilarious to watch, it’s equally frustrating that he’s become almost an impediment to Astrid and Lilly. Perhaps his strongest role in the series is as the comic relief. His dismissiveness of the Big Bad being alive and well on Earth does not bode well for the upcoming season finale.

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This week’s Monster of the Week was disgusting and hilarious at the same time, as all good monsters in this series are. The fact that the only way he could be stopped was with a giant condom was the definition of perfection. Christine’s (Geri Hall), ahem, monster-caused escapades, contrasted with her carnival setup at an “Abstinence Booth” was phenomenal and a credit to how this show is able to do contrast. 

This episode gave us so much relationship content for these characters we’ve come to know and love. We got a tiny glimpse of a potential romantic relationship between Lilly and Candace (Julia Doyle) in last week’s episode, and this week confirmed that there is definitely more than friendship here. It’s slightly confusing why Lilly would never have spoken about this part of herself with her closest friend. That being said, perhaps this is all new for Lilly. Hopefully we will get to see this explored further as the season draws to a close. Either way, I for one am completely on board with this, and think there’s plenty to explore between Lilly and Candace both in terms of characters and potential stories.

Photo Credit: Alex Stead/Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY

On this note, this episode handled sex in a really positive way. Astrid and Sparrow (Spencer MacPherson) consummating their relationship was handled with all the awkwardness and excitement first romances bring. It was hilarious, sweet, and hopefully there’s more of these two to come in the last few episodes of the season. Hopefully, too, the show will find a way to incorporate Sparrow as a supporting role for the monster hunters, and not leaving him holding the bag, or in this case his clothes. 

Astrid and Lilly Save the World remains an incredible joy to watch in spite of its flaws. Even with monster-level otherworldly stakes, these characters are so down-to-Earth. We already have the stage set for an epic battle between Astrid and Lilly and the Big Bad. Christine’s religious fanatisicm is sure to play a massive part. So too is Valerie (Christina Orjalo) who was away at emergency theatre camp which was truly our loss. The last episodes of this season have incredible potential and will hopefully prove once and for all why this show deserves another season. 

New episodes of Astrid and Lilly Save the World air Wednesdays on Crave.

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