‘Astrid and Lilly Save the World’ 1×08 Review: “Hair”

Astrid and Lilly Save the World is rapidly heading towards its season finale, with two episodes in the season remaining. Jana Morrison and Samantha Aucoin have more than proven themselves as capable and endearing leads, and this episode was no exception. With this week’s nightmare monster, and a beloved movie tribute, this week’s episode had a lot to love. 

This week’s episode was a tribute to The Breakfast Club. This show is a perfect venue to recreate the magic of a movie about high-schoolers in detention, and how in the course of one Saturday, they came into their own. This was also a very clever way to bring in characters that have played a supporting role so far. Seeing these characters come together in detention really emphasized what a strong ensemble cast this show has. 

As much as it’s sad seeing Astrid and Lilly fight, this show always handles conflict in an authentic way. Seeing these two fight only proves how powerful they are as a team when they’re on the same page. It’s heartbreaking to see them apart, which will only make their reunion and team-up that much sweeter. It’s clear they’ll have to be back in total sync to fight the Big Bad, which is rapidly approaching.

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This week’s Monster of the Week was a horrifying nightmare monster. It’s disgusting hair ensnares its victims. As someone with a particular aversion to loose hair, this monster was particularly effective in making this writer freak out. The monster was a catalyst for Astrid and Lilly divulging to their peers the truth of their monster-hunting quests. The monster also led to heartbreaking revelations about relationships that are just getting started. 

In addition to Astrid and Lilly’s friendship, which is still on the rocks, this episode gave us closer looks at the relationships we’ve been introduced to this season. It was revealed that Tate (Kolton Stewart) always knew that Candace’s (Julia Doyle) sexuality is fluid. It was understandable that Candace wanted to keep her budding relationship with Lilly on the down-low, considering what a religious fanatic her mother is. It’s devastating to think Candace is actually embarrassed of Lilly, and we can only hope this isn’t actually the case. Astrid and Sparrow (Spencer MacPherson) are entering a new phase, now that Sparrow knows what Astrid actually does when she has to make a quick getaway. 

Photo Credit: Alex Stead/Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY

The adults too, got some of the spotlight in this episode. Megan Hutchings is so delightfully unhinged as Michelle, and its always a pleasure getting to see her on screen. Brutus (Olivier Renaud) had to come to terms with the fact that the Big Bad is more than a children’s story told to little aliens. It will be interesting to see him navigate this with Astrid and Lilly on the outs. Finally, Geri Hall continues to be an absolute star of this series as Christine. Her incredibly brief appearance at the end of the episode was so sinister and played to perfection. As much as we know the Big Bad is coming, Christine is the villain to watch out for. 

Astrid and Lilly Save the World continues to prove itself in what is hopefully its first season. There is still so much to explore in this world and with these characters. As the stage is set for what sure to be an epic final two episodes, fans have been given so much to cheer and hope for. Fans can have every confidence that the show is up for the challenge.

New episodes of Astrid and Lilly Save the World air Wednesdays on Crave.

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