#SXSW22: ‘Me Little Me’ Review: A Poignant Reflection on Recovery

**Trigger Warning-Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating**

Me Little Me had its world premiere at the 2022 SXSW Festival. Telling a poignant and heartfelt story of recovery, it centres a woman’s journey to healing and self-love. So many movies about the journey to mental health centre white, cis-male voices. Me Little Me is a beautiful departure from this trend. 

Me Little Me tells the story of Mya who is in the early stages of recovery from an eating disorder. It follows her journey as she is promoted in her male-dominated field, and struggles to maintain her recovery. When confronted with her past, she continues her journey to find self love and acceptance. Mya is shown as deeply human, and we the audience get to experience the range and depth of emotions alongside her.

Eating disorders are among the deadliest mental illnesses we know of. It was so necessary to see a story that incorporated the diversity of patients living with and recovering from these illnesses. We have to check our own biases when we conjure up an image of a cisgender, small white teenage girl. This illnesses impact so many, and this movie was a reminder of the wide spectrum recovering patients can be on. 

The entire story was an incredibly compassionate look at those recovering from EDs. The story was told without judgement, blame, or without putting patients under a microscope. Even when we hear about Mya’s past, it’s told not with gory details, but with understanding and empathy. The subject is very triggering for so many, and it could have been presented in this movie as a voyeuristic display that many portrayals fall into.

The story itself went in a very interesting direction. After seeing Mya be subjected to multiple microaggressions (that weren’t micro at all), the story took a turn when she was supported by her white boss. Being white myself, I can appreciate the need for stories where Black trauma doesn’t become the only aspect of a character, nor the sole focal point of the story.It was a tribute to Elizabeth Ayiku’s talent as a filmmaker and storyteller that she was able to strike this balance to near perfection.

The supporting cast in this movie was superb. As mentioned, one particularly realistic aspect of this film was the portrayal of patients and clinicians in a recovery program. The patients, even in brief appearances, were portrayed as imperfect people on a journey to reclaiming their lives. Mya’s family was a contrast of coping mechanisms used to move forward from trauma.

Me Little Me was a sweet and poignant addition to this year’s SXSW lineup. With a relatable character at its heart, the story is one that is sure to resonate with those on their own journey to recovery. The message of hope is clear to anyone who struggles to show themselves even a little bit of self love and compassion. 

Me Little Me had its world premiere at 2022’s SXSW Festival.

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