‘Good Sam’ Review 1×10: “I Thought I Lost You”

Good Sam picked up from the last entry, with the series’ first two-part episode. This was something for the series, and an interesting way to expand the storytelling. Episode 9 ended with a heart-stopping cliffhanger, with Vivian’s (Wendy Crewson) life hanging in the balance. It was shakeup in a show that has been filled with drama thus far. 

Rather than getting right into Vivian’s medical emergency, Good Sam gave viewers fake out after fake out. It was clear immediately that even though Vivian has been working in hospital administration for many years, she is still a physician first and foremost. There’s still clearly so much pain between Vivian and her daughter Sam (Sophia Bush) after last week’s major revelations. Medical emergencies have a way of re-focusing everyone on what’s really important. Even though there’s so much trauma to be worked through, they clearly still love each other. 

After seeing Malcolm finally get a chance to prove himself in the last episode, the streak continues. It allowed for a sigh of relief that he and Sam at long last have tired of speaking only of their parents. Although the two families have provided a lot of political intrigue in the season so far, it’s come at a cost of tearing Sam and Malcolm apart. Clearly, there’s hope for these two yet, even though Sam still has lingering feelings for Caleb (Michael Stahl-David). 

Pictured (L-R) Edwin Hodge as Malcolm A. Kingsley and Sophia Bush as Dr. Sam Griffith Photo: Danielle Blancher/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I’m unsure about the story Good Sam is trying to set up with Joey (Davi Santos). Episode 9 promised us more of the relationship between him and Tim (Stephen Tracey). However, that seems to be out the window now, which was sad for the show’s only openly LGBTQ+ couple. Joey’s character has taken a distinct turn. There’s still the possibility that this story could turn around, since its clear Joey now knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. It’s a shame it has to come at the expense of his colleagues, who have been putting in the effort. 

Trulie (Skye P. Marshall) was again the star of the show. She’s continually proved herself as the series has gone on and has been a particularly shining star in the emergency department. It was equally good to see Sam explicitly acknowledge how incredible her friend is. Although Trulie’s obviously an asset to the cardiothoracic team, her passion is clearly in trauma. Nothing should stand in the way of her achieving her dream.

Photo: Ramona Diaconescu/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On this note, it was great to see a show at least mentioned switching medical specialties would literally be years. So often, medical shows make it seem incredibly easy to simply shift specialties or even subspecialties when in the middle of a residency or beyond. The truth is that to do so would essentially mean beginning from the beginning. If anyone is up to the challenge, it’s Trulie. 

Fans will be waiting another two weeks for the next Good Sam episode. In the meantime, this two-part even has given fans plenty to think about. As we face the last few episode of what will hopefully be the first of more seasons, there are evidently more stories to be told with these characters. Although the show may have had its struggles, when it’s good, it’s excellent.

Good Sam airs Wednesdays 10/9c on CBS.

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