‘Undone’ 2×01 Review: “The Cave”

Prime Video’s genre-bending series Undone is back for a second season, with Episode 1, ‘The Cave. This series is Prime Video’s first adult animated series. Using rotoscope animation, Undone used season 1 to tell an innovative story of time travel, trauma, and finding a family that captivated audiences everywhere. After a groundbreaking inaugural season, Undone picks up right where we left off. 

In the first episode of the second season, it’s clear the show will be building on the foundation of the first. Alma (Rosa Salazar) went on a poignant, tragic, and triumphant journey that clearly isn’t over yet. The door was left wide open in the season 1 finale for us to explore this character in more depth. Episode 1 of season 2 takes the chance to do so. 

From the beginning, it’s clear viewers are going to see Alma in a completely different context than the one in which she was introduced. When we first met her she was imperfectly perfect, a beautiful mess so many could relate to. While part of this may still be true here, the season’s premiere episode features an alternative version of this character that in many ways is just as compelling. 

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If viewers thought that there were complexities and a multitude of angles from which to show this story, this episode only adds additional layers. If the first season of Undone presented various perspectives and imaginings that kept viewers guessing, this episode gives an even deeper dive into what possibilities exist within this universe. In a media landscape obsessed with the concept of a multiverse and stories that can exist with the same, this is no small feat. 

This episode also features deeper dives into family dynamics, trauma, and backstories of characters that weren’t always given centre stage. There’s very clearly something up with Camila (Constance Marie). There’s no doubt that as the series goes forward, we’ll get to explore this character in greater depth. The setup in this episode is compelling. She was always a woman containing multitudes, and her complexity makes her a perfect choice to shine a spotlight on this season.

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Finally, Alma’s relationship with her sister Becca (Angelique Cabral) was among the most relatable and fascinating relationships viewers were introduced to in the first season. There’s a revelation here about Becca that is certainly going to play into the rest of the season, and it has the potential to be game-changing. The connection between these two begs for more exploration. Anyone who’s ever had a sibling will instantly recognize themselves somewhere in this relationship.

Undone is off to an incredibly strong start with the premiere episode of its second season. This episode managed to seamlessly combine what made the first season great, and introduce new stories that are sure to enthrall as the series gets underway. If the first season was anything to go on, it just might be worth sticking around and enjoying the ride. 

Undone is available to stream on Prime Video. 

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