‘Undone’ 2×02 Review: “The Painting”

Undone returns with its second episode of the season, ‘The Painting’. The premiere set this season up to explore deeper themes in these characters. This episode continues that vision. This episode’s focus is all about self-reflection and turning inward. This is never an easy journey to take, but one is so revealing.

The first episode of this season indicated hinted that viewers can expect a deeper exploration of the relationship between Alma (Rosa Salazar) and Becca (Angelique Cabral). This episode delivered. The shift in the dynamic between these two this season has so far been compelling. Rosa is in more of a mentorship role now, and that’s a fascinating new part of her character. In many ways, Alma and Becca are on more equal footing. It suits them both well. 

Relatedly, since the entire family is in a different context here, the series has an opportunity to shift perspectives in characters and relationships that were established in the first season. Becca in particular is faced with a crossroads in her life and relationship. This is a character who can more than handle the spotlight, and the revelations in this episode set the stage for her to further self-reflect on what she actually wants in life.

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This episode also features a deeper dive into Camila’s (Constance Marie) past or at least a hint of what’s to come. This character has so much potential. There are so many possibilities for what exactly she doesn’t want her family to know. The buildup of this story is so enthralling. When all is revealed, it’s sure to change the game and leave viewers on the edge of their seats. It’s good to see this character given additional layers and dimensions to explore. It already makes her far more sympathetic. 

It has to be noted also that the humor throughout this episode is incredibly endearing. After an entire previous season together, Salazar and Cabral in particular have such phenomenal on-screen chemistry. The fact that this is able to be portrayed through rotoscope animation is a testament to the talent of everyone involved. The humor only emphasizes and adds to the quieter, more poignant moments that make such an impact. 

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Finally, there’s a reunion in this episode that is just so heart-touching, it really ties everything together. Alma and Sam (Siddharth Dhananjay) have always had such a beautiful relationship, and this episode showed them in an entirely new context. It only made them more lovable and further proved how much they mean to each other.

The second episode of Undone gives viewers so many moments that play to the strengths this series has already shown. Simultaneously, the groundwork continues to be laid for further explorations of characters and stories. It feels fresh, without the feeling that the series is constantly trying to re-invent the wheel. There’s a lot to explore in the world that’s been created here. Undone seems intent on exploring as much as possible. 

Undone is available to stream on Prime Video. 

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