‘Undone’ 2×03 Review: “Mexico”

Undone’s third episode, ‘Mexico’ establishes where the second season is going to take fans. The change of scenery and pace work well and give the show more room to grow. New characters introduced in this episode make a massive impact. No doubt, they will continue to do so as this season continues.

Alma (Rosa Salazar) and Becca (Angelique Cabral) return to Mexico, looking for elusive answers. This provided yet another opportunity to see them in a different setting, with new challenges. In a series full of stunning backgrounds, all hand-created, this episode introduces an entirely new slate of visually stunning artwork that only adds to the story being told. This family’s episode was always going to end up in Mexico, and there’s a sense that their stories can now move forward in a meaningful way. 

In Mexico, new family members were unlocked. Camila’s (Constance Marie) family is perfectly imperfect. They all shed a light on where Camila has been and who she is when we meet her. Her character makes so much more sense now that her mother and sister have been introduced. In their own ways, they are both just neurotic enough to shed light on Camila’s character. The family dysfunction is so incredibly relatable, and Camila is made even more sympathetic now that this additional context has been revealed. 

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Along with a deeper dive into the past, this episode features the push and pull of revealing the truth, and how much. It’s always a challenge in stories that have such cosmic stakes to remain grounded. Undone has always managed to strike this balance to near perfection. This episode features more of the same. With all of the time travel and elements of the past about to be revealed, it’s always clear that the stories of these characters are what bring this show together.

The relationship between Alma and Becca remains center-stage, as it has so far this season. The first two episodes brought a shift in their relationship. This episode continues this change, and further establishes Alma in more of a mentorship role. This is fitting since Becca spent the majority of the first season being the pillar of stability. She’s far more disorganized and lost this season. This chaos serves the overall story so well. 

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Finally, another standout aspect of this episode was the focus on just how overwhelming visions, time travel, and cosmic disturbances can be. This was a perfect illustration of the show’s ability to keep grounded and compelling stakes, even while the reality within the story is precarious at best. While the fabric of time and reality shift around them, these characters remain sympathetic, especially when imperfect.

Undone continues to tell both relatable and fascinating stories. No doubt, many viewers will be able to see themselves and their families in this episode in particular. We are all filled with our own dysfunction and internal chaos that impacts our relationships with those we love. Undone continues to enthrall, and there’s clearly so much more to come. 

Undone is available to stream on Prime Video. 

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