‘Undone’ 2×06 Review: “Help Me”

**Spoilers Ahead**

Time is getting more malleable it seems in Undone’s sixth episode of the season, “Help Me”. The focus shifts in this episode, from Camila (Constance Marie) and her family’s backstory, to Jacob (Bob Odenkirk) and his family. As with everything else in this show, it’s all interconnected of course. The emotional damage this episode leaves in its wake is sure to have further ramifications as the second season approaches the end.

Right from the beginning, the cruelty that those with mental illnesses were treated is appalling. The archaic treatments Alma (Rosa Salazar) is subjected to in her short time in her grandmother’s timeline play out like a horror movie. It’s impossible to look away from the treatment of those with mental illnesses within prison-like institutions. The rotoscope animation makes the setting all the more visceral. 

Holley Fain gives an absolute masterclass as Geraldine. The fact that the show has woven the time travel components with mental illness is a testament to the strength of Undone’s storytelling. In the brief time we’ve known this character, she’s given so much depth and compassion. She’s immediately loveable. As with previous new characters introduced, she stands as a complex and interesting character on her own while also shedding light on her family.

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More than previous episodes, we’re shown here the concrete impact of messing with time and reality. Although a fun and interesting premise, it’s a sobering thought experiment to play out what actual implications and unintended consequences would be in a case like this. There’s a visceral sense of discombobulation, especially through Alma’s eyes.

This episode also features Becca (Angelique Cabral) at the height of her powers. The series so far has featured her coming into her own, and dealing with the fact that she also has the ability to bend time and reality as well. She’s also had to contend with truths about her family being revealed, some of which Alma has already known. Her individual character development this season has really added additional dimensions which has served the character and the story well. 

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This episode revealed more truths, including the beginning of the mystery of what’s behind the locked door for Alma to discover. Timelines are starting to collide, and the stories are sure to get more complex as the series comes to a close. As fascinating as Geraldine was as a character in her own right, it looks like the show is going to give us more backstory and more context to explain her journey, and why she gave the advice that she did. 

With two episodes left in the season, Undone still clearly has a lot of stories left to explore. This season has upped the ante at every opportunity, and it’s working. As we’re set to explore Geraldine’s history, it can only be assumed that all of these timelines are going to collide in a massive way as the finale approaches. Hopefully, the season can maintain its balance of compelling stories and characters which it has done so well so far.

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