‘Undone’ 2×08 Review: “We All Love Each Other”

**Spoilers Ahead**

After an emotionally devastating and dynamic season, the second season finale of Undone is in the books with “We All Love Each Other”. The finale managed to bring all of the stories we’ve followed through this entire season and gave characters conclusions with new places to begin again. There were definitely unexpected turns, without deviating from the entire premise that has been set up through both seasons viewers have now seen. 

In many ways, the season finale was an exploration of the unintended consequences that were perhaps always inevitable. In particular, Alma (Rosa Salazar) realizes almost immediately that something is not right. The suspicion that there might be a catch pervades the atmosphere of the episode from the beginning. It’s an incredibly effective way to make viewers question the happy ending the penultimate episode delivered. 

Paradoxically as the family grows closer together they get torn further apart by circumstances and choices. Jacob (Bob Odenkirk) in particular must face the reality that there are consequences of his actions. As much as these actions to heal the trauma of the past may be justified, there are still ramifications. It’s so incredibly sad watching Jacob come to the end of this part of his journey. 

The entire theme of this episode, which was an extension of the series as a whole, was grief and acceptance. Each and every character had to reckon with this dichotomy in the wake of time and space being manipulated again. No matter the time or place, this grief and loss still had to be faced and worked through. Becca (Angelique Cabral) in particular went through such a meaningful journey to be honest with herself. She’s clearly better for it.

This episode also represented a healing of the relationship between Alma and her mother Camila (Constance Marie). There was so much pain and misunderstanding between these two. Even though there’s never been any doubt that they love each other so much, they are so often not on the same page. This episode brought their relationship a satisfying conclusion, even though there’s clearly so much more to explore within this dynamic.

At the end of the episode, all of the characters we’ve grown to love are essentially back at the beginning. While this may be a divisive choice among fans, it’s also an opportunity for a reset. There are even more stories that can be explored here. By going back to the beginning, lessons learned can be applied, and new depths of this family’s dynamics can be spotlighted. 

Undone has distilled the best of itself in its second season. The time travel format lends itself well to exploring the past, present and future. Undone has taken this opportunity and run with it. The performances this season were exceptional. The characters remain so brilliantly fleshed out and relatable, even when choices made aren’t always particularly sympathetic. The next season can’t come soon enough, and I for one will be waiting in anticipation until does. 

Undone is available to stream on Prime Video.

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