‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 is Now in Production

Bridgerton fans finally have a first look at Season 3, which has apparently started production! In a new video promo, fans got a glimpse of an iconic scene, new faces, and beloved characters we’ve come to love. 

We know that Bridgerton Season 3 is going to revolve around the friends-to-lovers romance of Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and fourth Bridgerton sibling Colin (Luke Newton). The show’s third season is going to chronicle the fourth book of the Bridgerton series, Romancing Mr. Bridgerton

Photo Credit: Netflix

It seems like the show will be deviating from the source material in at least a couple of critical ways. Bridgerton Season 2 ended with Penelope overhearing Colin making…disparaging remarks about her. According to the series description, Season 3 is going to focus on Penelope coming into her own, and developing her confidence presumably outside of the Bridgerton sphere of influence. While the books do include Penelope overhearing Colin’s comments, their story takes a very different direction as their stories lead to romance. 

The first look, showing the first look at the iconic carriage scene, is hopefully an indicator of what’s to come. Already, it looks like Penelope and Colin have already glowed up. The idea that these two will be developed as characters before bringing them together will hopefully only make these characters stronger. Individually, both have shown phenomenal . By exploring this further, their chemistry together will no doubt have the opportunity to be even more enthralling. 

We also got a first look at Hannah Dodd stepping into the role of Francesca Bridgerton, after Ruby Stokes exited the show. Although there’s no official word regarding which Bridgerton sibling will be the focus of the show’s fourth season, it’s possible Season 3 will further explore this character, who has had minimal screen time through the series so far.

Francesca Bridgerton’s story is spotlighted in the sixth novel of the series When He Was Wicked. The book details Francesca’s romance with a well-known London rake, named Michael Stirling. The third series may be a venue to set this story up for the future within the series. 

Finally, it seems that Simone Ashley is poised to reprise her role as the now-Lady Bridgerton. In contrast to Regé-Jean Page, who did not return for a second season, Ashley looks like she will appear in Season 3. There are so many directions the series could take to further explore her character, now as the Lady of the House and perhaps as a mother as well.

Although there’s no release date yet for Bridgerton Season 3, fans can rest assured that #Polin will get their moment in the spotlight.

Check out a promo video from Netflix below!

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