‘Wedding Season’ Review: A Charming Romantic Comedy with a Message

As wedding season comes to a close, Netflix’s Wedding Season is the perfect way to capture the magic and chaos all year round. Pallavi Sharda and Suraj Sharma are the perfect duo to lead this romantic comedy about love, friendship, family, and how to get the best out of life. The story is simple, making it all the more accessible. Although the movie isn’t always perfect, it’s always endearing and a sweet way to illustrate the power of love. 

Indian weddings are incredibly glamorous to the outside eye. While commentary on the authenticity of the weddings shown here should be strictly left to those within the community, it’s fair to say that this movie balances comedy and heart when showing these events in all their chaos. Indian aunties, so often vilified in stories about Indian culture told from a western perspective, are shown to be fully human in this story. Rather than being the butt of jokes, they’re shown to have the best interests of their family at heart, even if their actions aren’t necessarily condonable. 

For those who love the fake-dating trope, Wedding Season has you covered. This movie is a perfect example of what this trope can be at its best. The love interests are beautifully contrasted and they actually have a reason to be fake dating! It’s time-limited, and there’s a definitive reason for them to be together in this story. Who can’t relate to not wanting to be hounded relentlessly about when your own wedding will be when the wedding season is in full swing. 

At its heart, Wedding Season is a family comedy. None of these characters are played as the brunt of jokes. Rather, their flaws are shown as an endearingly central part of who they are. The dialogue may be stilted and monologue-y at times. That kind of doesn’t matter though when these characters are so strong and so obviously constructed with the utmost love and respect. 

One of the highlights in this movie is the absolute joy that is an Indian-Jewish wedding. You know that this would be the wedding of the year. These two cultures were always meant to be together. This love and joyful celebration is contrasted with the heartbreaking snapshot of a Muslim-Hindu wedding that is rejected by each respective family. Again, while the authenticity of this cultural commentary should be left to those within the community, it’s clear that a lot of thought went into giving an honest glimpse at the joys and challenges that come when two people from different cultures join in marriage. 

The Canadian content in Wedding Season is among the most enjoyable aspects of this movie. Little Mosque on the Prarie fans will recognize dear Babar. Actor Manoj Sood proves that playing lovable fathers is exactly his speed. Toronto foodies will also recognize Lahore Tikka House, a classic staple that deserves its moment in the spotlight. 

As a whole, Wedding Season is a joyful romp, while being a thoughtful meditation on love and the importance of family. If you love romantic comedies, this is a top-tier entry. If romance isn’t your speed, perhaps you will find something to love in this story of two people coming together in a heartwarming way. Either way, this story is sure to charm and leave viewers walking away with a massive smile and a sigh of contentment. 

Wedding Season is available to stream on Netflix. 

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