Book Review: ‘A Brush With Love’ by Mazey Eddings

Dental aficionados will have a lot to love with Mazey Eddings’ ‘A Brush With Love’. For those who hate going to the dentist, this might be a comforting read. This story has everything. A family legacy, a woman striving to be taken seriously, and a friends-to-lovers romance all work together to make an enthralling package. The story is one that can be re-visited again and again. 

A Delightfully Dental Love Story:

At its core, the love story in ‘A Brush With Love’ is as comforting as Menorah lights shining bright against the winter’s dark nights. Harper is a Jewish heroine worth cheering for. She’s complex and utterly loveable. She’s driven, and never makes any apologies. She definitely doesn’t need a man. Along comes Dan, though, to mess up Harper’s carefully curated plans. 

Under normal circumstances, Dan would be insufferable. Thankfully, this character is in the hands of a top-notch romance writer. His journey to create his own destiny outside of his family’s expectation is a compelling one. He has to demonstrate that he is worthy of Harper. He does so many times over. 

A Meditation On Healing:

One of the most effective parts of this story is its representation of anxiety, trauma, and grief. It more than makes sense that Harper handles the losses she’s experienced in her life by trying to maximize her achievements. In this way, she’s able to shift focus from the storm within, and delay feeling her feelings. This is one of the most relatable parts of her character.

Dan is also compelled to deal with the trauma that came from being invalidated through most of his life. While there may not have been all ill-intent from his family, the weight of their expectations. He has to come to terms with the fact that even though his family probably wanted the best for him, they left him second-guessing himself at every turn. He could have so easily turned this into resentment. Instead, he chooses healing. Aspirational, frankly. 

A Delightful Coming of Age:

‘A Brush With Love’ has the charming distinction of also being a coming of age story. There aren’t nearly enough coming of age stories for adults. We tend to think of the teenage years as make or break moments. In fact, for most of us, our lives are constantly being re-invented. Harper and Dan and perfect reminders of this. 

Watching them come into their own, and make their own decisions is heartwarming. This makes their romance so much stronger, when they come together after working on themselves as individuals. They are in an excellent position to make happily-ever-after a reality. In an ideal world, their healing journey will continue together. They’ll be able to support one another. 

‘A Brush With Love’ is a charming read from beginning to end. A solid love story and a healing journey are complemented by important reminders about dental hygiene. The dentist doesn’t have to be intimidating when you are in the care of a phenomenal professional who clearly wants to do the most good. This makes a perfect read before going to the dentist. You may just feel a lot better if you do. 

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