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2022 LA Comic Con: Simu Liu Talks the Future of Shang-Chi and the State of the MCU

Marvel star Simu Liu was a highlight of LA Comic Con in 2022. During his panel, moderated by Hector Navarro, Liu spoke about the legacy of Shang-Chi and current projects the actor has in the works. He also took the time to mention some top-notch Canadian cuisine. 

Right off the bat, Liu reminded attendees that he is one of Marvel’s top fanboys. He said that his favourite MCU movie remains Thor: Ragnarok, and that Korg and Rocket are among his favourite characters. There is no official word, of course, on whether or not fans can expect to see all of these characters together any time soon. 

Simu Liu spoke about how excited he is to welcom new members of the MCU families. He recalls that he made a particular point to speak to Tenoch Huerta Mejía at the recent Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premiere. “I said to him, welcome, how do you feel?” recounts Liu. He further encouraged Mejía by saying “You belong here, you’re going to kill it, now I’m a super fan.”

Liu was reflective on the legacy of Shang-Chi as a character, specifically the pride and pressurre of representing his community. “I remember the feeling of trying on that costume for the first time…and feeling such an immense sense of overwhelming gratitude,” Liu told the crowd. He expanded, “It’s really something incredible when a community sees themselves represented.” 

Liu also spoke about his current and upcoming projects. Of his time on Barbie, Liu said, “I had the best time!”. He recounted how exciting it was to be on set with a who’s-who of Hollywood. He is set to appear in One True Loves, a romance based on the novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid. He will also be in Atlas, and will be a voice in Star Wars: Visions. Liu noted, “I pretty much only do movies now where I get to be an action figure of some sort.” 

In terms of his future in the MCU, an untitled Shang-Chi sequel has already been confirmed. When asked if Liu is going to appear in the upcoming Avengers movies, “I would assume…if no one says anything I’m going to assume yes!” Liu also spoke about his friendship with director Destin Cretton, and all of Cretton’s achievements. “I just love any time that it happens to people who are as pure-hearted and as kind and as genuine as Destin…“You know that he’s going to bring that energy to Avengers. I think he’s going to knock it out of the park!”

Liu left audiences with the sentiment, “The power of superheroes is to inspire.” He also implored anyone visiting Scarborough, Ontario to check out Fishman Lobster Clubhouse for top-notch seafood. Liu came through as a real-life superhero, who is just getting started. 

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