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2022 LA Comic Con: The Cast of ‘The Boys’ Talks Superhero Chaos and the Upcoming Season

Some of the cast of Prime Video’s The Boys stopped by 2022’s LA Comic Con to talk about their characters and what’s next for this dysfunctional crew. Laz Alonso, Karen Fukuhara, and Tomer Capone stopped by the convention to discuss their characters, and the popularity of The Boys

Capone opened the discussion by speaking about his audition experience for his role, Frenchie. “I almost got shot in the face when I shot the audition [in Tel Aviv],” Capone said. “Apparently, one of the neighbours looked from the shades…saw a crazy guy yelling in French waving a gun in his hand so the special forces came in guns drawn.” Thankfully, other neighbours recognized Capone as an actor, and the rest is history. 

Fukuhara went next, and described how she came into the role of Kimiko. “Kimiko is not in the pilot episode at all,” she reminded the audience. “My character doesn’t speak and she’s not in the first episode, what am I getting myself into?” However, as time went on, she realized she was working with a gem of a character. 

Fukuhara continued, “When I started reading the sides and started working on the material for the audition, I kind of felt oddly…at home”. Ultimately, she says, “It felt really right to me”. She also talked about how much fun she has with this character, and how much growth she has seen in her.  

All three spoke about their co-star Karl Urban. Apparently, Urban is the King of practical jokes on set of The Boys. All agreed, “Don’t ever get into a practical joke fight with Karl!” Urban apparently isn’t just funny however. Each of the three cast members present at LA Comic Con talked about how supportive he is as a co-star, and how much fun he is to work with. 

The cast spoke about the chaos that the series embodies. They have used PornHub for inspiration. There is still a lot of bodily fluids involved in many of the series’ fight scenes. They also spoke about their favourite fight scenes so far. The dildo fight has already made its way into streaming history. The face pulls and eye gouges also rank high for these series’ stars. 

The Boys seems intent on dialling up the chaos, and that’s probably a good thing. These actors are so committed to these weird and wonderful characters. If this energy can be maintained, fans are likely in for a fun and wild ride.

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