Photo of Giancarlo Esposito and Ming Na Wen side by side.

2022 LA Comic Con: The Cast of ‘The Mandalorian’ Talk Season 3 and Star Wars Fandom

Giancarlo Esposito and Ming-Na Wen were guests at the 2022 LA Comic Con to speak about the upcoming season of The Mandalorian. The two spoke about their respective seasons, and what fans can expect when the series returns in March of 2023. They also spoke about how much they appreciate the broader Star Wars fandom.

Esposito opened the panel discussion by paying tribute to his character, Moff Gideon. He compared his Star Wars role to his iconic Breaking Bad character, Gustavo. “Gustavo would have the army set up and would have [everything] figured out before walking into a room.” He was clear that Moff would always take control of his own destiny. 

Wen also paid tribute to her character, Fennec Shand. “None of the Disney characters are like her,” she said. She also spoke about how this character represented a turning point in her career. “I had to audition for Agent Mei, I had to audition for Mulan… but I was given Fennick Shand.”

Both agreed that there are universal concepts in The Mandalorian and in the greater Star Wars universe. They spoke about the We the People messaging of Star Wars, and how this is an important message for the modern world. They also both channel the concept of play, and connecting with their respective inner children. 

Apparently, the Star Wars powers that be rival Marvel when it comes to keeping secrets closely guarded. “David Feloni and John Favreau kept such a great secret,” said Esposito. He continued, “I was told that something was coming that would threaten my whole existence or the idea that Moff Gideon would be able to further what he wanted to further.” Everyone was apparently kept guessing. 

In terms of colours for their respective light sabres, Wen stated that “Without a doubt,” orange would be the colour for Fennec Shand. Esposito was equally clear. “My light sabre is always going to be black.” 

Esposito spoke about his excitement for where his character could go next. “For me as an actor I think there are a lot of places that [he] could go…he’s a lot smarter than we ever imagined.” He continued, “Someone who just wants a light sabre…that’s someone who just wants power. Moff wants more than that.”

Finally, Wen had a kind word for the Star Wars fans who have been a part of her journey in this universe. “Everytime I meet a new fan and they express their love of projects I’ve been in, characters that Ive done, it;s a reminder to me that this is why we’re all here”. 

There will be a lot to explore when The Mandalorian returns for a third season. Both Esposito and Wen have a lot of love for their characters. While they may not be the central focuses of the series, they will clearly continue to make a massive impact. 

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