Photo Courtesy of Mike Donahue and Sundance.

Sundance 2023 “Troy” Review: A Fun, Wacky, Short Adventure 

Some short films beg to be made into features. Others, like Troy, are exactly what short films are supposed to be. Self-contained, and prompting more questions than answers, Troy is a wild and chaotic journey that’s worth taking. 

The movie tells the story of a couple living in a tiny New York City apartment. Their neighbour has lots of very loud sex that can be heard through the walls. Thus begins a hilarious and oddly charming story of entangled lives. 

This story is a picture-perfect summation of what it is to live in New York City. The chaos of living in such closed quarters is captured brilliantly. This dynamic has the potential to make a story feel incredibly claustrophobic. However, Troy just makes it work. 

At its core, this is an incredibly sweet story, with a commentary on the nature of modern relationships. The nature of dating apps and hookup culture is treated with compassion, rather than derision. This is a balance that’s hard to maintain. It is objectively ridiculous that everyone is expected to find love under these conditions. The characters here though are doing the best they can. 

In a day and age where many people don’t know their neighbours, this story offers insight into what this relationship could look like. Is it better for us to remain closed off living in our own respective units? Or are there opportunities for us to connect, and cheer each other on?

Troy is a self-contained story, that’s filled with enough heart and humour to fill a feature-length movie. Yet, it’s short runtime is a benefit to the story overall. The audience is able to absorb the humour, heartbreak, and hopefulness much more effectively. This is the essence of the best of what a short story can be. 

Troy premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. 

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