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Anime North 2023: The ‘Death Note’ Panel Talk The Franchise Impact and What’s Next for Fans

The 2023 Anime North Convention featured artists and a myriad of panels discussing all things anime and pop culture. One such panel featured a discussion of Death Note, one of the most popular anime franchises that has made its way to North American audiences. 

Death Note features a young genius who finds a mysterious notebook that grants the user the supernatural ability to kill anyone whose name is written on its pages.

Panelists noted that the nature of this series, which was based on a manga, lends itself to a variety of compelling stories. There was discussion around the fact that the franchise has never shied away from telling stories far outside the box. As an example, panelists noted that there has been a short story in the franchise featuring Donald Trump. 

Additionally, the panellists noted that there could be an extensive, almost endless supply of short stories. Specifically, there could be one-shot stories featuring individuals from within this universe, and what they would do when in possession of the notebook. 

There was also a note that this story would lend itself well to a musical if the creators were so inclined.

There was also a discussion of the various ways that this franchise has been expanded and adapted, including to the Netflix movie, which has been widely criticized by fans. Panelists noted that the Netflix movie deviated far from the franchise’s roots, and failed to capture the commentary that the series is known for. 

On this note, panelists agreed that a sequel to the Netflix movie may not be an appropriate next step for the franchise. Instead, panelists stated that fans would probably enjoy a reimagining of this story. They also all agreed that wherever the franchise goes next, it would be important to stay true to the story’s roots.

Finally, panelists summarized what makes this franchise so compelling. The commentary on the Japanese educational system as well as the death penalty being legal in Japan has made it accessible for generations of fans. 

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