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SkyMed Season 2 Episode 2 Review: “Spun Out”

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SkyMed Season 2 Episode 2, “Spun Out,” continues to ramp up the drama and shows promise in investing in these characters. There are clearly a lot of stories here that have the potential to go places. As it is still early days in the series’ sophomore season, there is much to be determined. This episode proves again that this show remains at its strongest when it focuses on the deeply human stories it has access to through these characters. 

It makes sense to begin this time with Chopper (Praneet Akilla) and his fate in the balance. The revelation that he is still married is an interesting one. In the time that this character has been introduced, he has been focused on his career as a pilot and his aspiration to become an astronaut. It’s unfortunate that he feels the need to conceal the fact that he was unsuccessful in astronaut selection camp. Clearly, there is more to this character than what has already been introduced. 

The fact that Chopper has a former wife and is still connected to her, even though he hasn’t mentioned her, raises more questions than answers. This adds some possibly troubling dimensions to this character that he would be willing to put his career aside at the expense of his family. However, this situation could also show that he is willing to learn to maintain a balance between familial relationships and furthering his own career. This character has just been through so much, so it remains to be seen what he will make of his current state. 

Watching Crystal (Morgan Holmstrom) continue to settle into her new role as a doctor-in-training. It’s a smart choice to show that this is absolutely not a solitary journey. Crystal will need all the help and support she can get as she practices Northern medicine. Her mentor is a perfect match for her. They both represent the present and future of medicine in their community. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a lasting work partnership.

SkyMed Season 2 Episode 2, “Spun Out,” also sees Jermey (Braeden Clarke) at a crossroads as a character. This feels like the right choice for this character, to show him taking initiative and training to be a paramedic. In the time that he’s been introduced, it’s obvious that he is an exceptionally intelligent character. Becoming a paramedic, where he can use this intelligence for good, is a natural progression. While he, too, maybe settling into his new role, he’s clearly already showing promise. 

Finally, it seems that Crystal and Jeremy are at a crossroads in their relationship. With all of the history that exists between them, it makes sense that there is much to unpack. Based on everything, it reads as authentic that Crystal would be skeptical of Jeremy’s recent choices. However, hopefully, she will be able to support him on this new journey. This is an endearing friendship, and both of these characters deserve the best.

SkyMed continues its strong start to its second season. With so many compelling characters who all deserve the spotlight, it can be a challenge to give everyone equal time. Hopefully, as the season continues, each character will get a chance at self-reflection. In the meantime, the medical chaos seems to be going nowhere soon. 

SkyMed airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBC.

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