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BBC Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6 Review: “Perfect Day”

BBC Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6, “Perfect Day,” features a poignant story that highlights the heart of this series. This story is an opportunity for growth for this chaotic crew. It is a chance to celebrate everything that makes this series great and why this ensemble is worth investing in. This also further establishes Button House as a destination and an integral character in this story. 

Fanny (Martha Howe-Douglas) has been on quite a journey on the show so far. This episode feels like a turning point for her. All of the lessons she’s learned serve her well here. What works about her story is that her horrifically homophobic views are never excused. However, through her, the viewer is asked to reflect on these attitudes and how society has changed over the generations. She is allowed to learn and reflect on her own lived experience to change her views. 

The fact that Fanny is able to grow so immensely after an entire life and afterlife of being so closed off speaks well of her character. Evidently, even after all these generations, it’s possible to teach love and acceptance to even the most reluctant. It’s so precious to see this stern matron find acceptance in love. This storyline instills a lot of hope that regardless of societal expectations, anyone can learn to accept and celebrate love in all its forms. 

BBC Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6, “Perfect Day,” also continues to lean into the Coopers’ poignant love story. As they rely on one another to develop Button House, the fact that they’re able to reflect on their own relationship makes them both that much more endearing. It makes sense that after living in this massive house surrounded only by ghosts, they would take a step back and take stock of where they are now. 

This episode shows the Coopers at their most authentic. The fact that Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) is able to be honest about the fact that she had her doubts before marrying Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) is deeply relatable. That Mike is so hurt by this information is so incredibly endearing. Watching them come back together and be honest with one another further cement the fact that this is a couple rooted in reality. This makes them that much easier to invest in and root for along the way. 

Finally, this episode gives Pat (Jim Howick) a really beautiful moment to come to terms with his death. It makes sense that he’d feel a lot of emotions when confronted by the little boy, now a man, who accidentally killed him. His reaction lends credence to the fact that underneath the happy-go-lucky scout leader, there’s a dark streak. This adds depth to this character and makes his emotional breakthroughs that much more poignant. 

As BBC Ghosts approaches the end of its sophomore season, it shows no signs of slowing down. This episode could have served as the season finale, with all of the character growth that’s on display. Instead, this feels like a starting point for these characters. They’re able to retain their lovably chaotic personalities with all of their imperfections. Each of these characters’ humanity is what makes them shine. 

BBC Ghosts Seasons 1-5 are available to Stream on CBC Gem. 

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