#SXSW2022: 5 Reasons to Watch Win a Trip to Browntown!

A family comedy about anal sex? It’s more likely than you think! One of the most…unique features at this year’s SXSW Festival was Win a Trip to Browntown!, George A. Tramountanas’ microbudget comedy. While the premise may first be off-putting to some, here are five reasons to check out this one-of-a-kind project.

It’s An Up-Close, Unvarnished Look at Family Life:

(From left to right) – George A. Tramountanas (Frank Tsigas), Kendra McDermott (Laura Tsigas). Photo Credit: Tramo Productions

Make no mistake, the microbudget is clear throughout this movie. That doesn’t mean that the actors and everyone else involved didn’t put every effort into this project. It is a very realistic look at family life with kids of all ages. Coffee spills and messy hair are all in a day’s chaos. Anyone who lives that life will definitely see themselves here. The movie endearingly captures this particular brand of disarray, including the unequal division of work around the home, and who takes the brunt.

Terrible Workplaces are Shown to be Terrible:

(From left to right) – Sam Schragel (Paul), Phillip Silva (Cameron), Kiana Vaziri (Nikki). Photo Credit: Tramo Productions.

Frank (George A. Tramountanas) works a terrible day job while trying to pursue his true passion of writing. It’s immediately clear that his boss is terrible and that we should hate him, or at the very least support his being inconvenienced. The only thing that makes his workplace bearable are his supportive co-workers who include a furry, a sex-obsessed anomaly, and the token woman who has no time for any of them. They all support Frank 100% however, and we all should be so lucky to be graced with such co-workers. 

The Sex Positivity is Off the Charts:

(From left to right) – Kendra McDermott (Laura Tsigas), Heather Reynosa (Jen), Amelia Samson (Meg). Photo Credit: Tramo Productions

Although this movie isn’t really about anal sex at all, it does take pains to ensure that many types of sex is represented without judgement. Solo sex, toys, role play, and yes, anal sex are all presented as valid options to be undertaken between two consenting adults. The movie takes an honest look at a couple who have been together for so long and had three children, and are still capable of new ways to explore their sex lives. The reactions of those around them to this exploration is fascinating, and perhaps an indication of how far we have to go as a society to truly be more sex-positive. 

It Has a Weight loss Story That Isn’t Fatphobic: 

George A. Tramountanas (Frank Tsigas). Photo Credit: Tramo Productions.

I admit I was skeptical when I read the movie’s premise, and was convinced that the entire storyline was going to devolve into fatphobic nonsense. Much like this story not really being about anal sex, however, the weight loss story was never the point. It was about a couple trying to reconnect with themselves and with each other. When Frank gains that re-connection, the weight loss becomes less important. What’s more important is the self-love and validation he found along the way. 

It Captures That Writing Life:

George A. Tramountanas (Frank Tsigas). Photo Credit: Tramo Productions.

Finally, I’d argue one of this movie’s strongest aspects is how it captures the life of a writer. Particularly when that writer is stuck in a dead-end job (see point 1 above), the grind can feel never-ending. The movie brilliantly captured that feeling of having writing success always just out of reach, always just one pitch away. The fact that Frank couldn’t accomplish his writing dreams without the support of his family and friends is an important reminder of how much we need to rely on each other. 

Win a Trip to Browntown! definitely won’t be for everyone, but really, is any movie meant to be? This movie has its charm and it’s sweet message. If you’re willing to go into it with an open mind, you may just be delightfully surprised. After all, when we try new things, there’s always the possibility we’ll enjoy them.

Win a Trip to Browntown! is available on digital platforms March 22, 2022.

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